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Good products sound better for longer

Sustainability at Teufel

Statement from the CEO

Quality taken further

Listening to good music is one of life's greatest pleasures. We want future generations to be able to do this without restrictions. But this is not the only reason why it is important for us to handle all resources responsibly. Sustainability is unconditional and belongs to our basic understanding. High-quality products are a core promise that we try to keep every day. Not for nothing do we give up to 12 years warranty on many products. For us, sustainability begins with quality.

Sascha Mallah, Teufel Audio CEO

CSR - Sasha Mallah

of our products

Music makes life worth living, so it shouldn't hurt our environment.

In order to further reduce our ecological footprint, we pay attention to energy efficiency, durability and reparability when designing our products. We are also currently developing a product packaging concept that is environmentally friendly and ensures that our products arrive undamaged.

CSR - Nachhaltigkeit

We see all our team as VIPs

How do we achieve goals? Together.

CSR - Team

Motivation is sustainable. A healthy work environment is a foundation for a satisfied and productive team, which leads to great products.

CSR - Icon - Ernaehrung
Teufel offers our employees the opportunity to eat healthy and sustainable food and to exercise regularly.
CSR - Icon - Famillie
Flexible working hours give the opportunity to reconcile work and family.
CSR - Icon - Verkehrsmittel
We give our employees various incentives to commute by bicycle, e-bike or public transport.
CSR - Icon - Trinkwasser
Our employees can obtain drinking water from water dispensers to avoid transporting water bottles.
CSR - Icon - Charity
Each employee receives one day off per year to participate in social activities.
CSR - Icon - Kleiderspende
Every year in December, we donate clothes for charitable purposes.

Our Partnes

Good partnerships create more

Our partners are more than business partners. We build sustainable relationships and want to pass on our values of an open, pluralistic working environment to others. We believe that this will result in products that will inspire our customers in the long term.

CSR - Partner

Still got something to say?

We want to constantly improve and optimise our product manufacturing process. Write us an email with your own suggestions and constructive criticism to