Motiv 5 Digital

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Motiv 5 Digital

The universal 5.1 System: Loudspeaker set with Decoderstation


  • 8 week trial
  • Directly from manufacturer
  • Free & easy returns


Motiv 5 Digital

Key advantages at a glance

  • Complete 5.1 system with a striking look
  • Compact subwoofer with 250 mm bass driver and 400 watt maximum performance
  • Five identical high-end micro satellite speakers
  • Control station with 4 digital and 4 analogue connections
  • Integrated Dolby Digital / ProLogic / dts Decoder
  • Recommended for spaces up to 30 sqm.
"Teufel Motiv 5 Digital"
T3 09/2010
"Teufel`s great value 5.1 system is a fine introduction to home cinema. Eight sources connect to a central controller, which decodes the surround sound."

Overall: 4 out of 4 stars!
(4.67 of 5 out of 3)
All reviews

Decoderstation 5

This clever high-tech tool transforms an active 5.1 speaker ensemble into a complete multimedia centre. Thanks to the Decoderstation 5, a purely PC-based set is converted to a universal system to use anywhere.

Connect 8 devices
Up to eight external devices can be used with the Decoderstation 5 via a Teufel multichannel speaker set – without shifting the plugs around – simply by pressing a button on the decoder itself or using the infrared remote control.

Full surround quality

The integrated Dolby/dts decoders of the Decoderstation 5 enable an original 5.1 playback in full surround quality. A 32-character display keeps you informed about current function status; the supplied remote control permits you to conveniently control all functions from your listening location.

A Teufel cable with a 1.0 mm² cross sectional area is recommend for multimedia systems and less expensive home cinema systems where only short distances need to be covered.

CCA Wires

The wires within this cable are made from copper-clad aluminium. CCA cables have the same electric conductivity as full copper wires but weigh less, making them easier to work with.

More wire strands per cable

The loudspeaker cable contains an especially high number of strands for extra flexibility and conductivity.

Robust jacket

The extremely robust yet flexible outer jacket protects the high-quality cable inside. The positive pole is indicated.


The loudspeaker cables can be connected directly to the amplifier/loudspeaker or by means of a banana plug.


One loudspeaker cable plus cable ties with Velcro is delivered in separate packaging.

Stereo cinch cable for connecting devices such as amplifier/AV receivers to a CD or record player etc.

Included components

  • 5× Satellite Speaker MO 5 FCR
  • 1× 5.1 Subwoofer A 500/6 SW
  • 1× Remote Control for Decoderstation 5 RC
  • 1× Decoderstation 5 Box
  • 1× 30m Speaker Cable 1.0mm² - C1030S
  • 3× RCA-Cable 3.0 m C7030A


  • Motiv 5 - MO 5 FCR vorne Schwarz

    Satellite Speaker MO 5 FCR

    The Motiv 5 satellite speakers come from the same basic idea as the subwoofer: The finest design meets uncompromising sound.

    The elaborate chassis equipment with a 25mm fabric dome, paired with a long-stroke 100mm Neodym mid bass made of coated cellulose guarantees high quality music playback.

    We consider the MO 5 FCR to be one of the best-sounding micro satellite speakers on the market – and even more so in combination with the optimally matched fully active multichannel subwoofer A 500/6 SW.

    • Description Item
      Width 12.00 cm
      Weight 0.74 kg
      Height 16.00 cm
      Depth 11.00 cm
    • Description Item
      Suitable for banana plug Yes
      Maximum cable diameter 4.00 mm
      Acoustic principle Two way speaker
      Enclosure type Closed
      Enclosure material ABS plastic
      Enclosure surface Lacquer, high gloss
      Tweeter (number per enclosure) Yes
      Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
      Tweeter (material) Gewebe
      Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) Yes
      Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 100.00 mm
      Bass/Midrange driver (material) Cellulose, coated
      Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 70 Watt
      Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 87 dB
      Frequency range from/to 120 - 22000 Hz Hz
      Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 100 Watt
      Maximum sound pressure level 99 dB/1m
      Impedance 4-8 Ohm
    Motiv 5 - A 500/6 SW vorne Schwarz

    5.1 Subwoofer A 500/6 SW

    The A 500/6 SW subwoofer proves itself as a powerful centre point of the Motiv 5 with its large-stroke 250mm woofer and integrated 6-channel power amplifier with total impulse performance of 400 watts.

    You can expect enormous dynamics and full bass power from this attractive bassist with its rounded corners and black high-gloss varnish. It can be connected to a PC, DVD player (incl. decoder) or decoder station connection box and directly controls all five individual satellites.

    Despite its compact dimensions, our many years of experience in subwoofer construction means that this smart, attractive woofer can make itself be heard – very loudly.

    An infrared remote control is included for controlling the levels of the individual channels and, if necessary, the overall volume can be easily adjusted from the listening location.

    • Description Item
      Width 31.00 cm
      Weight 13.00 kg
      Height 47.50 cm
      Depth 32.50 cm
    • Description Item
      Cinch input 5.1 Yes
      Analogue inputs Yes
      Cinch input Yes
      Cinch input Cinch preamplifier input for amplifier/receiver with subwoofer preamplifier output
    • Description Item
      Display type LED
      Display color Red
      Power supply voltage 220 - 240 volts
      Automatic on/off Yes
      Maximum power consumption 400 watt
      Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
      Safety class 2
      Fuse 2,5 A
      Standby-Function Yes
      Standby-Power consumption 0.90 watt
      Input gain adjustment Via panel or remote control
      Remote control Yes
      Full Range/Low Pass switch Yes
      Level control Yes
      Phase control 0° or 180°
      Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 38 Hz
      Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 100 W
      Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 50 W
      Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 150 W
      Amplifier configuration 5.1
      Amplifier technology class-AB
      Amplifier channels 6
      Subwoofer Yes
      Miscellaneous Spikes included
    • Description Item
      Maximum cable diameter 2.00 mm
      Equalisation openings (pos.) Bottom
      Equalisation openings Yes
      Enclosure type Bass-Reflex
      Enclosure material MDF
      Enclosure surface High gloss
      Miscellaneous Spikes Included
      Woofer (number per enclosure) Yes
      Woofer (diameter) 250.00 mm
      Woofer (material) Cellulose, coated
    Decoderstation 5 Set

    Decoderstation 5

    Control device for active 5.1 multimedia speaker sets. Integrated Dolby/dts decoder, inputs for eight devices, remote control

    • Description Item
      Width 23.50 cm
      Weight kg
      Height 5.50 cm
      Depth 13.50 cm
    • Description Item
      Cinch input 5.1 Yes
      Cinch input stereo 3
      Digital inputs coaxial 2
      Digital inputs optical 2
      Analogue inputs 3
      Cinch input 12
      Cinch input 3 x Stereo, 1 x 5.1
    • Description Item
      DTS Yes
      Dolby Digital Yes
      Dolby Pro Logic II Yes
    • Description Item
      Integrated DD/dts/PLII-Decoder Yes
      Integrated DSP Yes
      Miscellaneous Bassmanagement (Large/Small, Subwoofer yes/no) Stereo Modes: Stereo
      Display color Blue
      Display Yes
      Miscellaneous Display: 32 chars - 2 rows
      Remote control Infrared
      Remote control Yes
    Kabelset MO 500 W

    Cable Set MO 500 W

Expert reviews

  • T3
    "Teufel Motiv 5 Digital"
    T3 09/2010
    "Teufel`s great value 5.1 system is a fine introduction to home cinema. Eight sources connect to a central controller, which decodes the surround sound."

    Overall: 4 out of 4 stars!
    More... Collapse details...
  • Logo -
    "An impressive room sound experience."
    Next-Gamer 10/2008

    "The Motiv 5 Digital, a beautiful mixture of the Motiv 5 and the Decoderstation 3, is one of the best 5.1 multimedia surround systems of its price class (bundled for €599,-). The Teufel Motiv 5 delivers a clear and clean sound in the high and middle ranges through its five satellite loudspeakers and a deep and accented bass, giving more than an impressive room sound experience. The Decoderstation 3 is a top product and, thanks to its amazing price, it's more than just another AV Receiver alternative. Through its fantastic design Teufel creates a beautifully cut form for the loudspeakers and, to top it off, a very elegant piano lacquer finish."

    "With the Motiv 5 Digital you'll experience new worlds of acoustics that you only thought you‘d heard before."

    Results: 5 / 5

    More... Collapse details...
  • Techreview logo
    "Good, good, good and, again... good." 01/2010
    Testbericht - Concept C 100
    Tech-Review - Quality-Check
    "What would you prefer? A powerful subwoofer or satellite speakers which deliver good sound? With Teufel's Motiv 5 you get both and don't have to miss out! Listening to music on this system is really fun, which isn't a given considering the compact size of the satellite speakers used in this Teufel system (...)."
    "This sound system from Berlin-based loudspeaker forge Teufel is vastly superior to its competition: home cinema fans will hardly find a better product in this price range. Everything about the system comes together perfectly. Its successful calibration in particular can't be praised enough. We recommend buying this set without reservation. We could have shortened our review by simply writing: "good, good, good and, again... good." Thanks, Teufel!"

    + Volume-rich satellites
    + Powerful bass
    + Good workmanship
    + Excellent spatial sound
    + Beginner-friendly instructions
    + Stylish design

    More... Collapse details...
  • HowItWorks
    "An excellent and stylish 5.1 speaker system"
    How it works 02/2010
    "In terms of sound quality, the Motiv 5 impressed greatly, delivering rich and dynamic sound across all frequencies. Bass was distortion and compression free, delivering powerful audio reproduction of explosions and the like, while the satellites handled mid- and high-range frequencies almost perfectly, with depth and subtlety when replicating quieter moments or environmental or ambient sounds."
    More... Collapse details...
  • Playblu 12/2009
    "Sales Tip"
    Playblu 12/2009
    "When it comes to first-class loudspeakers in a reasonable price range, Teufel is always the best place to start looking. With 350 watts overall power, the operational area of this surround-sound set isn't limited to small rooms. Even when the Motiv 5 is turned to higher volumes it doesn't suffer from distortion, droning or interference. Its (also separately available) decoderstation handles Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic2. The decoderstation's remote control makes it possible to both compensate for delay times between the rear speakers and apply separate volumes to the center speakers, subwoofer and rear speakers. With one coaxial, two optical, and three stereo-cinch terminals, even those using multiple consoles are in good hands with this set."

    • Excellent sound for the price
    • Includes decoderstation

    "For the discriminating listener... an unbeatable price-to-performance value."

    Overall evaluation: Very good (92%)
    More... Collapse details...
  • HardwareLuxx Logo
    "The right mix."
    HardwareLuxx 06/2009

    Teufel has spared no effort to triumphantly ascend the PC speaker system throne with the Motiv 5. The doubt's gone even after a few moments of listening: all their efforts have been worthwhile.

    No other sets offer such a free and natural tweeter as the Teufel sets do. They also manage to find the perfect mix of precise and audiophile moderation as well as pure joy in playing to really awaken the emotions. And listeners, which have favourite songs which you won’t miss anymore, at least not with the Motiv 5.

    More... Collapse details...
  • Logo - Allround-PC [NL]
    "The sound quality totally convinced us." 12/2008
    Motiv 5 Allround-PC Dezember 2008

    Design & Worksmanship
    Teufel delivers with the Motiv 5 a perfectly finished product; a product with no flaws in its worksmanship. All loudspeakers including the subwoofer have a black mirror finish on the top and rounded corners, solidifying its impression as a very modern system. The mirror finish is a bit different than we expected, being relatively impervious to finger smudges, and is easily cleanable.

    The playback of sound is, before all else, precise with the loudspeakers giving clear high tones, which sounds perfect, when in normal ranges as well as by high volumes. The subwoofer displays an excellent bass with regular volumes. If you let that Teufel woofer go, however, it bellows out and fills the entire room, scaring the neighbors too.

    The design is quite posh and looks very modern, the worksmanship is absolutely perfect, the adapter and assembly of the loudspeakers is child's play (thanks to the excellent installation instructions), the remote control ensures your comfort when flipping and the most important point – the sound quality – totally astounded us.

    Allround PC results:
    • Very modern design
    • Excellent worksmanship
    • Elaborate operating instructions
    • Clear highs
    • High performance

    More... Collapse details...
  • "The best surround sound system for PCs."
    Casemodding Palace 09/2008
    Casemodding Palace Gold Award

    The Sound
    The subwoofer surprises with really powerful, hard bass and the satellites align the crystal clear sound picture throughout without perceptible distortion or shilly-shallying. The system works together precisely, consistent in play regardless of the application you set it to. Every individual channel is adjustable – from light and easy to bringing the walls down! For me, sound-wise, it's the best surround system in the PC area, as well as the best system I've heard to date!

    The new Motiv 5 from Teufel definitely doesn't need to hide its light under a bushel! The new version of the Motiv 2 surround sound is a very posh and clear-sounding 5.1 system. The Motiv 5 surprises through clean worksmanship and extremely elegant lacquer. The Motiv 5 trounces the competition in the PC arena just from the technical data, but you can really see the pure power performance in play, as well. By high loud volumes and strong bass the Motiv 5 hits the highs and lows cleanly without straining in the slightest – and also plays beautifully when in a normal sized sitting room with a clear honest sound.

    • Great visuals thanks to the lacquer finish
    • Modern and pleasing design
    • Clear sound picture through the satellites
    • Extreme high performance subwoofer
    • Excellent worksmanship
    • Remote control included
    • Long guarantee period

    More... Collapse details...
  • Logo - GamePro [DE]
    "The Teufel Motiv 5 delivers the best results in every situation!"
    Gamepro 06/2008

    "Our conclusion: small speakers, big sound – the Motiv 5 from Teufel delivers the best results in every situation!"

    More... Collapse details...
  • "Once again, Teufel has done a great job."
    GameZoom 06/2008
    Gamezoom Gold Award
    Gamezoom Sound Award
    Gamezoom Design Award

    After nearly two weeks of testing, we've made up our minds about the compact Motiv 5 loudspeaker system: Once again, Teufel has done a great job. The system's elegant subwoofer transforms into a howling monster within seconds, and the five satellite speakers score well with their high SPL capacities and harmonious sound reproduction. Even loudspeaker systems above and beyond the € 800 mark have a difficult time holding their own with this audio gem from the Berlin company. The Motiv 5 produces the right sound for every situation – regardless of whether you’re just gaming, listening to music, or watching an exciting movie.

    Simply put, the Motiv 5 is wicked fun!

    • Gold Award
    • Sound Award
    • Value For Money Award
    • Design Award
    • Technology Award

    • Performance 85%
    • Sound 95%
    • Sound pressure level 90%
    • Workmanship 90%
    • Appearance 90%
    • Setup 85%
    • Features 75%
    • Value for money 90%
    • Total 90%

    • Impressive surround sound
    • Powerful, dynamic bass
    • High sound pressure level
    • Compact design
    • High-quality workmanship
    • Sophisticated appearance
    • Great sound for little money

    More... Collapse details...
  • Logo - Digital Tested
    "A small arrangement that has it all."
    Digital Tested 06/2008

    "When we did the test, we were astounded. The stereo sound speakers sound pleasantly round and handle the spatial structures of the room very well. The subwoofer plays a very nice role with regards to the bass sounds and properly dampens the lower regions which would limit the small speakers, otherwise.

    The Teufel set also plays astonishingly well with multi-channel power. The subwoofer power amplifier connection ensures that loud scenes can be played using this compact set without a problem. For enjoying a film within your own four walls the Teufel set can be played in volume regions which far exceed a conventional PC Speaker system. Clear space and defined bass makes every film an experience. But only with the AV Receiver do the small satellites show what's in them. And these clearly win with their sharp dynamics and authority. Thanks to a compact form and closed design the speakers have a good pulse duration, which is noticeable especially with the loud action sequences.

    Teufel offers the right accessories for those who either have no player at home with analogue outputs or no AV Receiver. You can replace the AV Receiver with the Decoderstation 3. This small box offers three analogue stereo inputs, two optical digital inputs and a coaxial input as well. Four DSP-Modi and an integrated Dolby-Digital or DTS Decoder competes the package. This additional model can be purchased alongside the Motiv 5. Given the compact structure and the integrated subwoofer it’s certainly worth your consideration."

    "It's one small arrangement that really delivers. The Motiv 5 is tailoured and intended to work within the PC area. The integrated amplifier in the subwoofer invigorates multi-channel sound when gaming equally as well as in the home theatre.

    Through the optional Decoderstation 3, the arrangement can be extended to a digital multi-channel system that only requires those who want to play along. The full size sound, powerful support of the subwoofer and the uncomplicated configuration should not only catapult computer enthusiasts into new worlds of sound but also home theatre enthusiasts who consider getting started in the multi-channel world."

    • Music quality: good 36 / 50
    • Film quality: well 22 / 30
    • Equipment/Processing: well 7 / 10
    • Customer Experience: good 7 / 10

    Total: 72 / 100 points
    Result: GOOD (72%)

    More... Collapse details...
  • "A system that will be a benchmark for all future test candidates."
    Hardware Luxx 05/2008
    HardwareLuxx Excellent Hardware

    "Just like its 2-channel sibling, the Motiv 5 immediately won us over with a very transparent and engaging sound. Every note was in place and reproduced with exacting precision.

    This precision was never lost, even when the volume was raised. The system sounded just as relaxed, airy, and unobtrusive as before. In fact, the Motiv 5 is miles ahead of all the surround sound loudspeaker systems we've previously tested."

    HardwareLUXX Excellent Hardware Award

    More... Collapse details...
  • Logo - Video Home Vision
    "A good pick."
    VIDEO 03/2008

    "There is no doubt that the 5.1 version of the Teufel Motiv series is a good pick, and not only for people who want to 'pimp' their computer setup. These speakers are as much fun playing back music as they are reproducing full-bodied theatre sound, and it can get pretty loud too. Add a Teufel Decoderstation 3 to the Motiv system for another € 130, and you'll see how your TV's audio output – no matter how feeble – will turn into an awesome AV experience."

    Rating: Good

    Value for money: Excellent

    More... Collapse details...
  • SFT
    "A Treasure Chest."
    SFT 06/2009

    Small, practical, cost-efficient
    Whoever's searching for the possibility to combine multiple sound sources within a compact, active box system and not spend much money will be good to go with the Decoderstation 5.

    • Richly optioned connector bank
    • Clean lines
    • Easy operation

    Grade: GOOD (1,8)

    More... Collapse details...
  • Techreview logo
    "A real multitalent."
    Tech-Review 10/2009
    Tech Review Goldaward

    "The Teufel Decoderstation 5 is a real multitalent, which now can be connected to many different sound devices, such as their DVD player, iPod or their PC. With the remote control, your film evening on the couch will be super easy and the preferences are easy to take care of with the Teufel system, regardless the situation. The worksmanship and material is excellent, which doesn't surprise us coming from Teufel."

    • Many different connection possibilities
    • Wonderful visuals (matches the Concept E series)
    • Remote control

    More... Collapse details...
  • Area DVD
    "Teufel Decoderstation 5 with 5.1 Active LS system Concept E 300."
    Area DVD 03/2009
    Sound Dolby Pro Logic II: CD "Dream Dance Vol. 50, CD 1": what a step ahead – acoustically this combination of the Decoderstation 5 and Concept E 300 in comparison to the older Decoderstation 3 and the Concept E Magnum Digital are hardly in the same ball park. The January, 2008 tested products were still cheaper, but the in-total 448 euro for the brand-new Teufel combination is an excellent investment. With Paffendorfs "Self Control" the attractive subwoofer really impresses. All power amplifiers are located in its housing, which gives pleasure during performance and a surprising depth. With increased volumes the Concept E 400 remains sovereign and provides a precise, room-filling sound with excellent differences between vocal and instrumental elements. The subwoofer not only delivers tremendous sound pressure – as shows with "I kissed a Girl" or "Real Booty Babes" – but is quick on the uptake and immediately implements bass impulses. In each individual you get amazing results in an astoundingly constructive way. The bass is hefty and quick, the highs and midranges are homogeneous and played forward without-error.

    Well thought-out, optically gorgeous, strong sound – this price-conscious combination of the Concept E 300 and the Decoderstation 5 is for beginners or old hands that need an inexpensive second solution…for example, playing PC multimedia files…a perfect choice. Volume level strength is excellent for such a system. The connection possibilities fort he Decoderstation 5 are also something to praise as well as its balanced and clean worksmanship. This is our summary: you'll hardly find more sound, quality and equipment for 450 euro anywhere else around.

    • Astoundingly dynamic sound
    • Excellently harmonic sound picture
    • For the performance area excellent volume control
    • Subwoofer with nimble speed and a good volume
    • Decoderstation 5 with impeccable ports
    • Good finish to all components
    More... Collapse details...
Product Ratings
(4.67 of 5 out of 3)
A Teufelishly good investment
Simply everything worked out super well: Ordered on Sunday evening and delivery on Tuesday and a perfect instruction for setting up. Then the sound! First we watched a cinema film in HD quality with ...
(automatisch übersetzt *)
A Teufelishly good investment
Simply everything worked out super well: Ordered on Sunday evening and delivery on Tuesday and a perfect instruction for setting up. Then the sound! First we watched a cinema film in HD quality with a sound like in a cinema! Also the music playback either over 2.1 or 5.1 is absolutely convincing. A fabulous price-performance ratio!
All top!
I'll never bring this system back ! ;) It's my first home theater! Of course the enthusiasm was enormous ! ;) My 23m2 living room has the perfect size for the motif 5 digital. The decoder station 5 ro...
(automatisch übersetzt *)
All top!
I'll never bring this system back ! ;) It's my first home theater! Of course the enthusiasm was enormous ! ;) My 23m2 living room has the perfect size for the motif 5 digital. The decoder station 5 rounds the whole thing off optimally! Everything connected, ( PC, game console, ipod station ) you can zap comfortably from the sofa! ;) To the optics! Have white high-gloss furniture, there fit the motive in white so well to it, as if this would be a unit! A dream! ;) 1-5 stars : 5 stars and a ! ;)
Convincing in every respect
Both price performance, delivery time and sound quality are great class.
(automatisch übersetzt *)