DecoderStation 5 Mk2

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DecoderStation 5 Mk2

Compact, versatile and easy to use: 5.1 box set control unit

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DecoderStation 5 Mk2

Key advantages at a glance

  • Compact and modified technology for all 5.1 Teufel speaker sets
  • Original surround sound through built-in Dolby / DTS decoder
  • 4 analog audio inputs  (3 x Stereo / 1 x 5.1)
  • 4 digital audio inputs (2 x optical / 2 x coaxial)<br />
  • Variable lip sync for synchronous audio / video playback
  • Remote control and 32-character display front-controller<br />
  • Originaler Surround-Klang durch integrierte Dolby/DTS-Decoder

Compact rig out
This ultra-compact device works as a controller for each active 5.1 speaker set from Teufel. A subwoofer with an integrated 6-channel amplifier is with 5 speaker output make the Decoder Station 5 Mk 2 a complete multimedia sound system for any type of home entertainment - without AV receiver or amplifier.

Connect it all
The system can support up to eight external devices with a 5.1-speaker set, all you have to do is select between devices without the hassle of swapping cables. Four digital and four analog inputs are available for different applications: computer, laptop, DVD player, games console, TV, DVB-T/S/C, MP3 players, iPod dock, tablets, and media streamers - everything goes.

Surround sound all in one
The Decoder Station 5 Mk2 supports Dolby / DTS for amazing surround sound. The station also enhances conventional stereo signals to give you a surround sound experience that includes all five speakers plus a subwoofer.

Lip sync extrordinaire
The new Lip Sync button adjusts any delay during conversion, so that sound and image are always in sync.

Flexible as you want it
The decoder station can be combined with a variety of 5.1 speaker sets across different formats and offers adjustable crossover frequencies in the range 80 - 250 Hz to give you the best possible sound.

Keep control
A 32-character display keeps you informed about the status of each function. A multi-functional remote control is also included.

What more do you need?
The Decoder Station 5 Mk2 lets you kit out your home entertainment system with a fully active 5.1 speaker set without needing an extra AV receiver. All in all, this baby gives you a compact surround sound system with really vicious sound.

Included components

  • 1× Power supply for Decoderstation 5 Mk2
  • 1× DecoderStation 5 Mk2 Steuergerät
  • 1× Remote Control Decoderstation 5 RC Mk2


  • DecoderStation 5 Mk2

    DecoderStation 5 Mk2

    This ultra compact control device serves as a preamp for a 5.1-powered subwoofer. The Decoder Station Mk2 offers four digital (optical and 2x 2 x coaxial) inputs plus four stereo analog inputs (1 x 5.1, 1 x stereo). These are located on the back of the device and are suitable for the connection of many different devices. The integrated decoder for DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic ensures perfect surround sound for many playback devices.

    With the extra Lip Sync option you ensure that video and audio are played simultaneously. The Decoder Station is compatible with many different types of speakers in the frequency range of 80-250 Hz. The included remote control gives you access to all the devices that you have connected the decoder Station Mk2.

    • Description Item
      Width 23.50 cm
      Weight 1.01 kg
      Height 5.40 cm
      Depth 15.00 cm
    • Description Item
      Cinch output 5.1 Yes
      Cinch input 5.1 Yes
      Cinch input stereo 3
      Digital inputs coaxial 2
      Digital inputs optical 2
    • Description Item
      Miscellaneous multichannel audio
      DTS NEO:6 Yes
      DTS Yes
      Dolby Digital Yes
      Dolby Pro Logic II Yes
      Dolby Pro Logic II Yes
    • Description Item
      Integrated DSP Yes
      Remote control Infrared
      Power supply voltage 100 - 230 volts
      Automatic on/off Yes
      Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
      Standby-Function Yes
      Standby-Power consumption 0.50 watt