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Concept C (set)

Turbo boost

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Concept C - Set

Why we love this product

Revolutionise the sound from your PC, Mac, notebook, game console or TV with a powerful all-in-one system. The Concept C has the strongest bass in its price class and a feature set that includes Bluetooth 4.0 & NFC.

Key advantages at a glance

  • 2.1 complete hi-fi system for PCs, televisions and game consoles
  • All-in-one system: No additional devices required, cables included
  • Largest woofer (200 mm) in this price class for bass that is deep & powerful
  • 2-way Hi-Fi satellites produce balanced playback with games, music and movies
  • Class-D amplifier, analogue & digital inputs, Bluetooth with aptX & NFC plus headphone output
  • Integrated 200-Watt 2.1 amplifier for high, distortion-free levels
  • Integrated 2.1 USB sound card for use with notebooks, PCs, Macs
  • Handy puck remote controls volume, source selection & more
Ausgezeichnet Microlautsprecher Concept C Center-Lautsprecher 2.1 von Teufel
"the Teufel Concept C has some good advantages compared to its competition" 09.05.2018
"Are you still looking for good gaming speakers, or are you just looking for a good bass sound for your desk? Then the Teufel Concept C 2.1 system might be something for you."

"Thanks to the practical remote control, the headphone connection and the option of a Bluetooth connection, the Teufel Concept C has some good advantages compared to its competition."

"The Teufel Concept C makes the virtual engines at my gaming PC buzz. If you are looking for a compact 2.1 system with a lot of bass and a good sound, you are in the right place [...]."

(Translated from German)
(4.56 of 5 out of 166)
All reviews

Everything connects

Connect it all: Game consoles, PCs, Macs, televisions, smartphones, Blu-ray players, tablets and notebooks. Optical / coaxial digital inputs, a USB port and analog inputs make it possible and allow for multiple devices to be attached at once. Experience true-to-source playback without compression or distortion in high resolution.

The 2.1 USB sound card contains a premium Cirrus Logic chip for hi-fi stereo sound in 24 bit quality at very low levels of operating noise. The integrated DSP and equalizer can be controlled via software. The USB sound card works with Windows PCS, notebooks and Macs.

An included puck remote allows you to regulate volume and select an input source as well as mute the system. Batteries for the remote are included with delivery.

Bluetooth 4.0

Stream music from a smartphone or tablet directly to the Concept C. The state-of-the-art aptX codec makes it possible to transfer files wirelessly in near-CD quality. Play back music from apps like Spotify or YouTube on your smartphone or tablet for access to millions of songs.

Aktiv-Subwoofer CC 2014 SW - black - power amplifier

PC speakers, Hi-Fi sound

The 2-way satellite speakers feature large midrange drivers (80 mm) as well as high resolution tweeters (19 mm) for optimal playback with music, games and movies. Opponents can be perfectly localised, voices are reproduced with clarity and precision and instruments have a very natural sound. So much Hi-Fi in the PC segment is only to be found with Teufel

A very flexible 2.1 PC sound system

Integrated keyhole brackets allow the satellites to be placed flat on the wall using the AC 3500 SM wall mount. The satellites can also be positioned securely on AC 1001 S stands or simply placed on a shelf or desk.

The Concept C can be directly connected to televisions, game consoles or PCs. No other 2.1 system offers so many options with so much Hi-Fi sound.

Heimkino Microlautsprecher Consono 25 FCR Lautsprecher Mk3 Fernbedienung

Subwoofer with large bass driver

The perfect little cubic subwoofer that accompanies the Concept C doesn’t just look good, it ensures high-impact sound with movies, games and music thanks to the following features:

  • A large 200 mm downfire woofer optimized by professional Klippel measurements
  • Taut woofer suspension for high, distortion-free levels
  • Teufel's own Air Stream Bass technology for a bass reflex system free from irritating wind noise
  • A 40 Hz low end for bass you can feel in your bones
  • 210-Watt 2.1 amplifier with highly efficient class-D technology directly integrated into the subwoofer
  • Robust MDF enclosure with a well-braced structure
  • Automatic on/off
  • Resonance damping rubber feet included with delivery

An amazing home cinema system just got better

An optimised crossover ensures perfectly aligned tuning, allowing small acoustic nuances to be heard. Feel free to crank up the volume on your next action movie or game without worrying about distortion thanks to the satellites’ high power handling capacity. The incoming signal is divided between a midrange driver and tweeter for brilliant highs and intense, rich middle tones. The centre is equipped with 2 midrange drivers for optimal speech intelligibility and a full, lush sound even at low volumes.

Pure Teufel sound without all the distracting bells and whistles

Plug and play: Whether you want to enjoy an exciting home cinema evening with family and friends, relax and let some good music wash over you, or launch into your favourite game, the Consono set rises to every occasion. To top it all off, you’ll benefit from Teufel’s excellent service and 12 year guarantee.

Heimkino Microlautsprecher Consono 25 Mk3 CS FCR Lautsprecher Schwarz
Heimkino Microlautsprecher Consono 25 Mk3 CS FCR Lautsprecher Schwarz 2

Remote control

The Teufel Puck Control remote control offers convenient control options for volume, source selection, muting and switching on and off. Thanks to its robust design and rubberised surface, it has great grip and won't roll off the table. 2 AA batteries are included.
Bluetooth Fernbedienung Puck Control Aufstellungsmöglichkeit

Included components

  • 1× 15 m Speaker Cable 1.0mm² - C1015S
  • 2× Satellite Speaker CS 25 FCR Mk3
  • 1× Puck Wireless Remote Control
  • 1× CC 2013 SW
Concept C - Outline [SVG]


  • Aktiv-Subwoofer CC 2014 SW - black - front straight

    CC 2013 SW

    2.1 active subwoofer with integrated amplifier and Bluetooth 4.0.

    • Description Item
      Width 31.50 cm
      Weight 12.00 kg
      Height 35.00 cm
      Depth 32.00 cm
    • Description Item
      High level speaker outputs 2
      Headphone output 3,5mm 1
      AUX Yes
      Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
      Microphone jack 3,5mm - in 1
      Terminal clamps Spring terminal
      2.1 USB sound card Yes
      Bluetooth aptX Yes
      Bluetooth Yes
      Bluetooth Yes
    • Description Item
      Power supply voltage 230 volts
      Safety class 2
      Fuse Yes
      Miscellaneous Automatic off
      Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
      Standby-Function Yes
      Standby-Power consumption 0.40 watt
      Input gain adjustment Yes
      Remote control Yes
      Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 40 Hz
      Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 20 W
      Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 100 W
      Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 30 W
      Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 150 W
      Amplifier configuration 2.1
      Amplifier technology Class-D
      Amplifier channels 3
      Subwoofer Yes
    • Description Item
      Acoustic principle 1-Way-System
      Equalisation openings (pos.) Bottom
      Equalisation openings 1
      Enclosure type Bass reflex
      Enclosure material MDF
      Enclosure surface Matte, laminate
      Sidefire Yes
      Integrated stand Yes
      Wall mounting brackets Yes
      Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
      Woofer (diameter) 200.00 mm
      Woofer (material) Coated cellulose
      Frequency range from/to 40 - 150 Hz
      Maximum sound pressure level 108 dB/1m
    Consono 25 Mk3 - CS 25 FCR Mk3 black front angled

    Satellite Speaker CS 25 FCR Mk3

    A 2-way satellite speaker with a powerful 80 mm midrange driver.

    • Description Item
      Width 10.00 cm
      Weight 0.72 kg
      Height 14.10 cm
      Depth 9.50 cm
    • Description Item
      Suitable for AV receiver Yes
      Maximum cable diameter 2.50 mm
      Miscellaneous requires little power for high levels
      Acoustic principle 2-Way-System
      Diameter of the stand screw threads 6.00 mm
      Enclosure type Closed
      Enclosure material structure - synthetic
      Enclosure surface impact-resistant lacquer, matte
      Net internal volume 0.70 Litres
      Keyhole plate mounted Yes
      Miscellaneous strong walls minimize resonances
      Integrated stand Yes
      Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
      Tweeter (diameter) 19.00 mm
      Tweeter (material) silk
      Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
      Midrange driver (diameter) 80.00 mm
      Midrange driver (material) coated cellulose
      Miscellaneous high excursion driver
      Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 60 Watt
      Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 85 dB
      Frequency range from/to 150 - 20000 Hz
      Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 120 Watt
      Maximum sound pressure level 103 dB/1m
      Impedance 4 -8 Ohm
      Miscellaneous neutral tuning
      Crossover frequency internal switch 3500 Hz
    • Description Item
      Minimum amplifier output power recommended 10 Watt

    Puck Wireless Remote Control

    The puck remote control enables the intuitive control of the Concept E Digital and Boomster over even large distances (over 10 meters). The ergonomic puck was developed to fit easy into the palm of the hand, but can also be placed on a table top. A rubberized surface keeps the device from sliding when in use.

    • Description Item
      Width 8.00 cm
      Weight 0.32 kg
      Height 3.00 cm
      Depth 8.00 cm
    • Description Item
      Remote control Radio
      Materials Plastic / metal
      Miscellaneous Illumination, mute, volume and source selection
    • Description Item
      Bluetooth Yes
      Bluetooth Yes

Expert reviews

  • Ausgezeichnet Microlautsprecher Concept C Center-Lautsprecher 2.1 von Teufel
    "the Teufel Concept C has some good advantages compared to its competition" 09.05.2018
    Logo -
    Ausgezeichnet Microlautsprecher Concept C Center-Lautsprecher 2.1 von Teufel
    "Are you still looking for good gaming speakers, or are you just looking for a good bass sound for your desk? Then the Teufel Concept C 2.1 system might be something for you."

    "Thanks to the practical remote control, the headphone connection and the option of a Bluetooth connection, the Teufel Concept C has some good advantages compared to its competition."

    "The Teufel Concept C makes the virtual engines at my gaming PC buzz. If you are looking for a compact 2.1 system with a lot of bass and a good sound, you are in the right place [...]."

    (Translated from German)
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  • Ausgezeichnet Microlautsprecher Concept C Center-Lautsprecher
    "The tone quality is more than just exemplary" 07.04.2017
    Logo -
    Ausgezeichnet Microlautsprecher Concept C Center-Lautsprecher
    "The Concept C comes as a powerful 2.1 HiFi team: In addition to the 2-way satellites and a cool "puck" for volume control and source control, the set comes with a 210W down-firing subwoofer. The small stereo speakers are directly connected to the subwoofer by a copper cable. This connects the interface and the integrated 2.1 USB sound card, which works with a Cirrus Logic chip - in Berlin people leave nothing to chance."

    "The installation after setup was easy: the USB sound card is easily recognised and installed quickly on Windows 8 via an included USB cable. [...] The built-in Bluetooth 4.0 ensures problem-free music playback from your smartphone [...]

    If you do not want to use Bluetooth or have a USB port at hand, the input source can also be connected via 3.5mm jack. In addition, the subwoofer has a microphone input option, as well as a headphone jack."

    "The sound quality is more than just exemplary, as your would expect from the Berlin audio manufacturer. The satellites work with a 2-way combination of 80mm medium- and 19mm high- tweeters. This creates clear dynamics and high-resolution sounds: in combination with the 200mm subwoofer, which is directed directly downwards by its construction, the range of frequencies is impressive, and rare in equivalent 2.1 systems."

    "For the price, I can think of almost no other 2.1 audio solutions that can provide such powerful soundscapes. The design is simple, and integrated helpers such as a Cirrus Logic USB card and Bluetooth 4.0 interface create an overall solid impression. And as always with Teufel: with a 8 week right of return, the German manufacturer is always a good choice."
    More... Collapse details...
  • Logo -
    "The Teufel Concept C not only works for gamers, but is also perfect for music lovers" 05.02.2017
    Logo -
    "[...] Teufel's 2.1 Sound System [is] made for gamers who want a good sound without spending a lot of money."

    "The 200mm downfire subwoofer, which is the largest in this price class, made the ground shake in Battlefield & Co, and the bass monster has all connection options integrated"

    "But the Teufel Concept C doesn't just work for gamers, it's also great for music lovers. Two satellite speakers ensure balanced mid- and high-range frequencies."


    "All in all, the Teufel Concept C Soundsystem is a very good choice for gamers, especially the pleasant, deep bass, which is unrivalled at its pricepoint under € 300."
    More... Collapse details...
  • Testbericht - PC Games Hardware - Concept C Digital 07/16
    "impressed in our test with dedicated and dynamic sound"
    PC Games Hardware Magazin 07/2016
    Logo - PC Games Hardware
    Testbericht - PC Games Hardware - Concept C Digital 07/16
    "With 'Understatement' it's over as soon as the Concept C receives audio input, because the system plays with amazing enthusiasm. The speakers produce a free and dynamic sound, and the small 100-watt subwoofer delivers pleasingly crisp, powerful bass. For game, film or music, the Concept C is a lot of fun to use, and the sound is expected to be more entertaining than puritan. In this role the Concept C is very impressive."


    "The smallest PC system from Teufel impresses with a dedicated, dynamic sound, a practical radio remote control, Bluetooth 4.0 connection including AptX coding and compact dimensions."
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  • Logo -
    "the Teufel Concept C works for everyone looking for listening pleasure for smaller rooms!" 13.05.2016
    Logo -
    "The powerful bass roars from the subwoofer, whilst the two satellite speakers with their mid- and high-frequency speakers ensure a crystal-clear sound.And this is not only true when it comes to music, but also for movies and games, for example."

    "With their mid- and high-range frequency speakers, the satellite speakers ensure a wonderful sound quality, which is rounded off by the subwoofer's deep bass. The system can really play its strengths especially in smaller rooms [...]."
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  • eurogamer Concept C herausragend 12.2015
    "It definitely belongs in the category "punchy" and "playful""
    eurogamer 14.12.2015
    Logo - eurogamer
    eurogamer Concept C herausragend 12.2015
    "Volume isn't worth much, everyone can be loud. The Concept C shines with how it sounds both loud and quiet, and how its sound space is differentiated with different media and genres. It is definitely in the category "punchy" and "playful" [...]. "

    "The Concept C is certainly not the set for audiophile music analysts [...]. Instead of being over ambitious and attempting to achieve something impossible, Teufel has built a set that offers a clear, well-resolved, very dynamic sound up to a higher room volume - just before the neighbors come knocking on your door."

    "The active and previous playback, which the set shows with music, is also evident in games. It's an almost perfect blend at moderate volume, as you would usually get from short desk speakers, which ensures that music, language and effects are also blended in action scenes. The latter do not drown anything out, and the deep bass is not too dominant - if you adjust the equaliser or have adapted the bass - and for those who are not audio experts, direct nuancing provides an ideal sound. It doesn't matter whether bullets are flying in Call of Duty or the atmosphere of Sword & Sworcery is immersive, the system has nothing to prove in terms of its volume control. This also applies to films, of course, where it is important that there is a stereo mix."
    More... Collapse details...
  • Testbericht - mod-your-case - Platin
    "The Concept C impressed us above all in gaming and the viewing of action films"
    mod-your-case 10.11.2015
    Logo - mod-your-case
    Testbericht - mod-your-case - Platin
    "[You should] consider inviting your neighbours round for a movie night with an action-packed film, so that at least they can make the most of their sleep deprivation."

    "The Concept C impressed us above all in gaming and the viewing of action films. In these test sections the sound system could score through the powerful bass. This produces an enormous sound pressure and produces a very pleasant and deep sound, which is particularly noticeable with shots and explosions."  

    "The satellite loudspeakers are also totally impressive in this field of application. [...] This also applies to music playback. In this test section, the soundsystem felt particularly at home with the reproduction of hip-hop and electronic music and sounded really fun.

    "In order to get the best possible results in all test areas, you should take the time to fine-tune the subwoofer. If you have found the right setting with this, you can enjoy a very good sound picture with a powerful bass combined with clear high- and mid-tones, which are particularly level-resistant."


    "The Concept C is a 2.1 sound system, which is best for the gaming area. [...] Here the sound system scores particularly highly with its very powerful bass [...]."
    More... Collapse details...
  • Testbericht - lite-magazin - Concpet C Oberklasse 1,0 10/2015
    "[...] Teufel’s Concept C is much more than just an insider tip!”
    lite-magazin 07.10.2015
    Logo - lite-magazin
    Testbericht - lite-magazin - Concpet C Oberklasse 1,0 10/2015
    "The massive subwoofer along with both small satellite speakers are clearly and yet somehow subtly designed which allows them to be effortlessly integrated onto any desk or into any living room environment.”

    “In a nutshell: The Concept C set exhibits thoroughly solid workmanship!”

    "Two positive characteristics quickly become apparent. One is the unbelievable fullness of the sound that almost achieves the level of a classic surround sound. The feeling with chase scenes as with stadium events is of being in the middle of the action. An additional characteristic of the sound is the exceptionally pleasant articulation that is especially apparent with the playback of deeper, more sonorous vocals. Even deeper foundation tones are cleanly accented without overpowering the highs. When it comes to the ‘spoken word,’ it really hits the mark.“

    "After placing our test set on the desktop, we switch over into musical terrain. Here we begin, as usually, with softer tones. Today, it’s the Lily Allen/Robbie Williams version of ‘Dream a Little Dream.’“

    "The music could be ‘felt‘ in the truest sense of the word, even without the truly large bass spectacle. The Concept C passes the softer music test with flying colors and delivers a truly crystal clear sound.“

    "Next, we up the ante with a more complicated piece from musical history: ’Innuendo‘ by Queen. With its complexity, hard guitar riffs, flamenco rhythm, a driving drum beat and truly one of the most impressive voices in pop music, this piece is a real endurance test for many compact speaker systems. For the Concept C, however, apparently not. Even here, our test model pleases in every way. Even more, it really knew how to blast out the sound in all the right areas, while the 2.1 package rolls out a thick carpet of sound and impressively underscores that Freddy Mercury was a complete genius. More than that, the balance of the treble and the bass as well as the perfect emphasis on the vocals nearly gives one the feeling of being there live in the studio in the year 1990. A truly goose-bump inducing moment that is only seldomly achieved with even high-priced equipment.”

    "In order to summarize our really impressive listening test: With the Concept C, Teufel creates a sonic earthquake in your own 4 walls without showing a single weakness!”


    "[...] Teufel’s Concept C is much more than just an insider tip!”

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  • Logo - Gameswelt
    "The workmanship is exemplary and whether you play video games or listen to your music collection: Your ears will be delighted.”
    Gameswelt 07.07.2015
    Logo - Gameswelt
    "This sound! The voluminous bass gives the sound a pleasant warmth, but can also really deliver thanks to a 40 Hz low end. The setup comprised of a 80 mm midrange driver and 19 mm tweeter in the satellite speakers transmit a clear sound so that even fine nuances can be distinguished without a problem, even if certain limits are set by the number of loudspeakers. Yet, thanks to the 2.1 soundcard with Cirrus Logic Chip integrated into subwoofer, the [...] sound system does a good job. Games also benefit from the sound package, especially in terms of the atmospherics. Games like Battlefield or Grand Theft Auto V become just that little bit more fun to play.”

    "The Concept C offers fabulous sound distributed among two small loudspeakers and a subwoofer. The workmanship is exemplary and whether you play video games or listen to your music collection: Your ears will be delighted.”
    More... Collapse details...
  • Testbericht Microlautsprecher Concept C Center-Lautsprecher
    "... high degree of level stability as well as the dynamic and powerful bass"
    GAME ZOOM 25.06.2015
    Testbericht Microlautsprecher Concept C Center-Lautsprecher
    "Above all, gamers will have a lot of fun with the Teufel system, as our test subject was especially good at handling bassy situations. The powerful bass is also a lot of fun when watching movies. But the Concept is also able to master the treble and midrange of the frequency spectrum. And the new 2.1 set from Teufel is also great for listening to music. An additional plus point can be awarded for its good level stability. The first bit of distortion only enters at just under 95 percent of its maximum volume.”


    "One searches in vain for serious areas for criticism with the new Concept C. After all, the 2.1 system with Bluetooth support (including NFC) and integrated USB soundcard scores points with its premium construction and very good technology. In terms of sound quality, we were above all happy with the clear highs and the clean midrange, but the high degree of level stability as well as the dynamic and powerful bass also spoke in favour of our test model. Last but not least is the practical cordless remote. What more could one ask for?”

    More... Collapse details...
Product Ratings
(4.56 of 5 out of 166)
Super product
The construction was simple. The system works very well and the sound is great. I am completely satisfied!
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Very cool sound
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Unique PC speaker set of its kind
The purchase of a Teufel product in Belgium was not obvious at first glance, given that there are no stores where you can physically view and listen to the products, so it was a leap of faith for me. But not a single second of regret, on the contrary! I was looking for a powerful PC speaker set and while surfing online I came across Teufel, among others. For me, premium sound quality at the right price was important and the speaker set also served for sound production of my DAW (I preferred speaker set instead of studio monitors). So I had to rely primarily on social media channels when it came to product reviews by customers, and that's where I often came across German-speaking reviews. So I also had to ask my (technical) questions to Teufel directly and this contact was great! No questions were too many, they gave clear answers and were always short on the ball. Teufel also suggested a long testing period, and the product could be returned free of charge if required, and Teufel assured me that a new set would be sent when I bought it, not one that had already been used or tested. So pre-sales experience was top notch and I took the plunge. Speaker set for a PC is top overall. Connection is, as they say themselves, easy. Sound is great. I'm not a gamer but I can imagine that playing with such speakers has to be powerful. If I have to give minus points : turning the puck on and off requires some power and precision ( but I suppose the switch will relax through use ) and in the sound , but that's purely personal, I miss a bit of "body" in the mid range, but it's not disturbing for me. A satisfied Belgian Teufel fan.
I got the set about a onth ago, and I am thrilled, the midrange is nice, clear and soft, the treble glass clear, and the woofer is just amazing. I can recomend this system to anyone.
Very good sound for a fair price
I am very satisfied with the sound of the Concept C. I am glad to have bought this system.
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Prima 2.1 System
The goods arrived at my premises after a short time. Installation and setup were very easy. The decisive factor for the Teufel system was the integrated Bluetooth function, which allows you to connect other devices (e.g. a smartphone) and then play music from them via the Concept C. Also very practical is the wireless puck controller for volume control, source selection and switching on. Very convenient is the automatic standby mode, which is switched on if no sound signal is received for a longer period of time. This means you don't have to reach behind the subwoofer to switch off the system. A small point of criticism, as already mentioned by other reviewers several times, is the position of the LED to indicate the selected source (Bluetooth or audio input). Here you always have to crawl behind the device to see which LED = selected input is lit. Here the position at the front would be more optimal for me. But probably for design reasons (except logo nothing else on the front of the subwoofer) and cost reasons (everything on the board of the device) this was omitted. Therefore, a half star deduction. There's really nothing to complain about the sound. Nice dry bass and clear mids and highs. I am very satisfied!
There the ears wiggle
It has been long considered whether these little Teufels are necessary for music enjoyment via PC. Yes, they are. A bell clear sound, powerful in the depths, turns the PC into the sound machine I imagined. The connection was easy, everything was included. A small point of criticism: The status LED on the back makes no sense, they would be better placed on the front. This is especially unfavorable when setting up. All in all, this trio is highly recommendable, the price is fine.
The small Sat's make a decent volume and sound clean, the bass is, as with many subwoofer systems, somewhat unbalanced, so the upper bass registers are missing. But value for money has to be taken into account and therefore a smooth one is very good. The only strange thing I find strange is the hard to find switch button for the inputs on the remote control. And a few RCA sockets next to the jack socket would be nice, too.
Excellent quality
Bassboxx a lot bigger than expected, but for this you get a complete 2.1 which gives out all the bass and treble! Nothing is devoured and it stays clear. Technology is a few years old but still functional, probably 10 years! The problem: The "remote control" is the only control you can use to adjust the sound! The operating system MUST force more than 80% to have a certain signal, otherwise the system goes into standby mode during operation, which you can NOT switch off!!!!!! If the remote control falls down once, the whole thing wobbles and you can easily slip (at the turntable, because it gets loose) So here's where the savings are. Otherwise, everything is thought out and in perfect order.
PC speakers and more...TOP!!!
Teufelo, everyone, i was looking for high quality PC speakers, because among other things i like to listen to music e.g. via YouTube. Of course the Teufel were a bit more expensive than Bose, but I chose the Teufel because I think we all know the quality of the Teufel and especially the design, with the big subwoofer, the bass should be better for this reason alone. I have to say I have not been disappointed. Great basses, great sound, ranges from the volume for an apartment more than sufficient, especially up to full load a clear sound. The additional functions, e.g. Bluetooth were of course also a selling point, as I can now also skip the PC and only listen via the Smartphone App. Significantly less power consumption. !!! From me a clear purchase recommendation. LG to all.
* Automatically translated by DeepL