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Boombox 2.0

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Why we love this product

You’ll hear it before you see it. Powerful sound returns to the streets thanks to the comeback of the legendary BOOMSTER. This second-generation powerful Bluetooth speaker features the same great sound and long battery life as the original as well new playback options, including DAB+ digital radio.


Key advantages at a glance

  • The new and improved version of our bestselling Bluetooth stereo speaker with down-firing subwoofer
  • 3-way system: 2 tweeters, 2 midrange drivers and a subwoofer for detailed hi-fi sound with a solid bass foundation
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX® and NFC for wireless streaming from Youtube, Spotify etc.
  • DAB+ digital radio plus traditional FM, with station tuning, auto-search and new telescopic antennae for excellent reception
  • Integrated speakerphone function for hands-free calls across the whole room
  • High-capacity lithium ion battery + AA battery compartment for a combined runtime of up to 16 hrs.
  • Easily readable and dimmable display for intuitive system control and easy station searches
  • AUX audio input, USB charging port for smartphones/tablets and a new ergonomic handle
Logo - Android Magazine
"The highlight of the second generation of Teufel's bestseller..."
Android Magazin 02/2018
“The highlight of the second generation of Teufel’s bestseller is an LED display that has been installed for the first time and simplifies operation tremendously. There is now also a DAB+ radio on board […]. If you want to listen to your own music, you can pair the Boomster with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The sound is quite balanced [...]. Chromecast Audio also allows you to integrate the Boomster into your multi-room system."

(Translated from German)
(4.69 of 5 out of 792)
All reviews

The sound from Berlin

The new BOOMSTER was developed by our engineers here in Berlin and offers the best sound in its price class.

Discover the highlights here:

You want bass!

The BOOMSTER has an integrated subwoofer. Its volume can be adjusted in 4 ways. Click on the numbers to see how the frequency changes in the bass range. The stronger the curve goes up, the more oomph the bass packs.

Speaker without subwoofer and tweeter
Frequency of the BOOMSTER

Wireless sound at its best

Our products guarantee a clean, stable Bluetooth connection with minimal power consumption. Ranges of over 10 metres can be achieved.


Stream music, film sound or games from your smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC or Mac.
Enjoy the best sound whatever way you like to.

On the lips sound

Video sound from e.g. YouTube or other apps and games is smooth and lip-synchronized.

Bluetooth aptX

Qualcomm aptX

Bluetooth guarantees a wireless connection with minimal power consumption. Video sound is transmitted in-sync with on-screen images. The aptX codec offers almost CD quality. AptX does not currently work on iOS systems.


Hands-free function

With the built-in speakerphone, you can easily call friends or family via Bluetooth. Even in noisy environments, we guarantee high speech intelligibility. All wirelessly, of course.

Made with experience

The BOOMSTER has robust sensor keys, which give playback information by lighting up. All connections are protected by rubber covers. The carry handle is made of solid aluminium, the outer-casing is made of thick ABS plastic, whilst the front grill protects the tweeters."


DAB+ and FM-Radio

The BOOMSTER can play any station you like and all important information is displayed on the screen.




Digital radio for best reception quality. Additional information is shown on the display.

FM Radio

FM Radio

Classic FM radio reception.

Icon - Antenne

Telescopic antenna

The antenna ensures the best possible reception and stable connection.

It looks good from all angles

Everything finds its place here

Sturdy, aluminium carrying handle
The BOOMSTER can be completely switched off
Teufel BOOMSTER Anschlüsse
Telescopic antenna for best reception
Cover for integrated battery compartment
Connections: smartphone charger, iPod connection, power supply

Lasts longer

Rechargeable or regular batteries. The BOOMSTER comes with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, which has a quick-charge time of 3 hours when connected to mains. If no power supply is available, standard AA batteries can be used. With a combined playtime of up to 16hrs, the BOOMSTER is one of longest lasting stereo Bluetooth radios. An ordinary 12V car adapter makes the BOOMSTER perfect for your car or caravan.

  • O pening
  • L ithium-ion battery
  • B attery pack

Included components

  • 1× rechargeable battery-pack for Boomster
  • 1× power supply for Boomster / Boomster NG
BOOMSTER Lieferumfang


  • BOOMSTER Schwarz


    This versatile sound system is our take on the legendary ghettoblaster. With all new features such as DAB+, display, telescopic antenna and a sturdy carry handle.

    • Description Item
      Width 37.00 cm
      Weight 3.35 kg
      Height 18.00 cm
      Depth 14.50 cm
    • Description Item
      AUX Yes
      Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
      Bluetooth aptX Yes
      Bluetooth 4.0 aptX-Codec
      Bluetooth Yes
      Speakerphone function Yes
      Compatible with Amazon Echo Yes
      Compatible with Google Home‌ Yes
      NFC Yes
      Miscellaneous USB charging port for mobile devices with 500mA charging current
    • Description Item
      Android Yes
      Microsoft Yes
      iOS Yes
    • Description Item
      OSD Yes
      Battery operating time 16 h (at normal volume)
      Battery max. charging time 3 h
      Battery type Lithium-ion 4400 mAh
      Power supply voltage 230 volts
      Automatic on/off Yes
      Maximum power consumption 40 watt
      Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
      Powerbank Yes
      Safety class 2
      Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
      Standby-Function Yes
      Standby-Power consumption watt
      Bass boost/EQ Yes
      Total power output capacity (RMS) 38 Watt
      Amplifier configuration 2.1
      Amplifier technology Class D
      Amplifier channels 3
      Complete sound system Yes
    • Description Item
      DAB+ Yes
      FM - UKW Yes
      Radio present Yes
      Channel memory slot - FM 5
      Miscellaneous Telescopic antenna
    • Description Item
      Acoustic principle 3-Way-System
      Enclosure type Bass reflex
      Enclosure material ABS plastic, aluminium
      Enclosure surface Matte, lacquered
      Integrated stand Yes
      Tweeter (number per enclosure) 2
      Tweeter (diameter) 20.00 mm
      Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 2
      Midrange driver (diameter) 65.00 mm
      Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
      Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 90.00 mm
      Frequency range from/to 50 - 20000 Hz

Expert reviews

  • Logo - Android Magazine
    "The highlight of the second generation of Teufel's bestseller..."
    Android Magazin 02/2018
    Logo - Android Magazine
    “The highlight of the second generation of Teufel’s bestseller is an LED display that has been installed for the first time and simplifies operation tremendously. There is now also a DAB+ radio on board […]. If you want to listen to your own music, you can pair the Boomster with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The sound is quite balanced [...]. Chromecast Audio also allows you to integrate the Boomster into your multi-room system."

    (Translated from German)
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  • Testbericht BOOMSTER sehr gut
    "Teufel has reboosted its Boomster"
    Satvision 02/2018
    Testbericht BOOMSTER sehr gut
    "Teufel has reboosted its Boomster: the outdoor loudspeaker in the style of a ghetto blaster has been newly equipped in the 2nd generation with DAB+ support, a telescopic antenna, a display and a newly designed carrying handle. It is also suitable for battery operation and thus for a wide range of mobile applications, whether on the road or in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. Music can also be played wirelessly via Bluetooth aptX [...]. In addition to DAB+, the Boomster with an integrated subwoofer is also suitable for transmitting analogue FM radio."

    (Translated from German)
    More... Collapse details...
  • Testbericht - HiFi Journal - BOOMSTER - 01/2018
    "Teufel’s Boomster has set the bar for future portable speakers" 24.01.2018
    Logo - HiFi Journal
    Testbericht - HiFi Journal - BOOMSTER - 01/2018
    “[…] Here, Teufel have employed a fully-fledged 3-way system consisting of tweeter, mid-range driver and subwoofer. The connections are rather similar to those of a radio. In addition to FM reception, the new Boomster now also features DAB+. In addition, music can be played via Bluetooth 4.0 (aptX) or AUX.”

    “[…] The 3-way system is impressive. You immediately notice that there is not only one single driver to cover the entire frequency range. The separation allows the treble to be clearly reproduced without the mid-range losing power. The subwoofer is the perfect complement [...]. […] Due to the wide front orientation of the drivers, the Boomster also comes very close to stereo sound, giving you a wide sound stage.”

    “[…] The antenna has also significantly increased reception, making the Boomster a good travel companion.”

    “[…] Teufel’s Boomster has set the bar for future portable speakers.”

    (Translated from German)
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  • Logo -
    "Teufel has perfectly modernised the Boomster" 22.01.2018
    Logo -
    "Whether you are playing your own music collection from your mobile phone or via a streaming service, Teufel plays it all with a quality that suggests that the Boomster is built with very good components that largely eliminate the possible loss of quality that Bluetooth usually entails compared to an analogue connection."

    “[…] The new Boomster also comes with a strong battery, which guarantees hours of operation away from the mains socket. And if that is not enough, the device can even be operated with batteries. All sensitive connections are protected by sturdy rubber covers, which makes the Boomster absolutely suitable for outdoor use."

    “Teufel has perfectly modernised the Boomster, taking on board feedback from both customers and critics. The new Boomster is a sort of all-inclusive package for anyone who wants a really good-sounding Bluetooth speaker, but can also be used as a kitchen radio and even as a small living room system. With what I believe to be the best sound in its price range and almost complete equipment, Teufel is once again at the forefront of the competition. Not cheap, but a great offer in terms of performance and technics."

    (Translated from German)
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  • Logo - rapblokk
    "extremely long battery life and great sound"
    rapblokk 19.01.2018
    Logo - rapblokk
    “The Berlin sound specialists want to resurrect the legendary ghetto blaster with this speaker. Not with the typical ghetto blaster design, but with the classic features such as extremely long battery life and great sound. Anyone who is already familiar with Teufel products knows that the sound is particularly magnificent."

    “Of all the Bluetooth speakers we've seen in recent months and years, the Teufel BOOMSTER is our absolute favourite. Due to the many interesting features, the device is a hot contender for the coming summer. Due to the chic and timeless design and the possibility of using the speaker via a power cord, you can of course also place the device in your living room."

    “The long battery life took us particularly by surprise over the last Christmas holidays. The BOOMSTER managed to easily accompany the festivities on Christmas Eve and the following days with music without even having to plug it in or plug it in once. That was a total of twelve hours of playtime at half the full volume."

    "So if you're looking for a durable and versatile Bluetooth speaker [...] you're more than welcome to [...] check out the Boomster. It's definitely worth it and we guarantee that you won't be disappointed."

    (Translated from German)
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  • Testbericht - - BOOMSTER - 90% sehr gut 01/2018
    "The Boomster 2017 is a monster!" 17.01.2018
    Logo -
    Testbericht - - BOOMSTER - 90% sehr gut 01/2018
    “A very important thing about any Bluetooth speaker is of course the sound. With this one, the Teufel Boomster has definitely won us over! […] The Boomster 2017 is a monster!"

    “Bonus points are awarded for the good stereo image. With two or four pairs of speakers on the front, the Boomster produces quite a wide sound stage and can also radiate a slight stereo feeling."

    "The Teufel Boomster does almost everything right! The speaker looks chic, is well-constructed, offers a good variety of connections with Bluetooth, FM radio, digital radio and AUX, and last but not least - it has an excellent sound.”

    “The sound is the main argument for the Boomster. It looks great when used at a party as well as for use at home.”

    “The Boomster produces [...] an excellent powerful and voluminous bass, which can be turned up quite well. But mid- and high-tones are also excellent! This is no surprise, however, as the Boomster has a decent volume and no less than five driver units.”

    “Because of the great sound, the Boomster can easily replace a small to medium stereo system!"

    (Translated from German)
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  • Logo -
    "The Boomster produces a full and clean sound" 12.01.2018
    Logo -
    “With the Boomster, you can fill a room of 60m² with sound without any problems - in other words, at such a high volume that neighbours will definitely complain. The Boomster produces a full and clean sound with a well-structured and relatively clean bass - at least within the realms of what's technically possible here."

    “Classical music sounds surprisingly well balanced, with an amazing warmth of tone and a convincing foundation. The ensemble of a large orchestra like on the current recording of the New Year's Concert seems real and unconstrained. Speech intelligibility is very good."

    “Although the Boomster is clearly aimed at younger listeners and highlighted by Teufel as a ‘ghetto blaster 2.0’, it is by no means only suitable for kids. You can enjoy serious music material in high quality [...].”

    (Translated from German)
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  • Testbericht - - BOOMSTER - 90% 01/2018
    "Teufel has come close to perfection" 16.01.2018
    Logo -
    Testbericht - - BOOMSTER - 90% 01/2018
    “The 'newcomer' can best be recognised when it is switched on, as a red LCD display shows the selected source – the 'old' Boomster had to do without a display. In addition, a telescopic antenna and integrated digital radio (DAB+) - the successor to an almost perfect Bluetooth speaker is ready."

    “[…] If you like an authentic and well-balanced sound without any special effects, you'll find it in the Boomster. This is where a stable bass foundation (integrated subwoofer) meets a natural mid-range and clear highs - no virtual stage widening or questionable tricks with signal processors that could deprive the sound of its authenticity. […] The Boomster is a natural sounding and powerful music companion that can cope with any musical genre. […] With the Boomster, Teufel has come close to perfection, which is already on its way to becoming a cult object. Summer can now start - the appropriate speaker is already ready."

    "[…] The speaker can even be used as a loudspeaker for movies: we watched Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” on an iPad and played the sound via Bluetooth over the Boomster. This worked great and it turned into a sophisticated TV soundbar."

    (Translated from German)
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  • Testbericht - - BOOMSTER
    "This evolution has been successful" 10.01.2018
    Logo - mobi-test
    Testbericht - - BOOMSTER
    "It's time for another portable earthquake. This comes in the form of the Teufel Boomster 2nd Gen, the new edition of a classic. Black, strong, portable and bass-heavy."

    “The most important point is of course the sound and that is typical Teufel. Dynamic, powerful and lively with a wide sound stage. […] You can easily fill any party with sound with the Boomster. […] The music fills my living room with deep, rich bass and great mid- and high-tones. Plus an incredible spatial depth. All this without any acoustic tricks [...]. It all fits together and makes a great fun to turn up the volume. […] Even at very, very high levels, there's no humming, no rumbling, no distortion or rattling."

    "So does the Teufel Boomster 2.0 get our seal of approval? Yes, very much so. This evolution has been successful and Teufel has focussed on exactly the right features. Even if you buy it at the normal price, it is still worth its weight. The sound of the Boomster is certainly not for the classic audiophile with high-end ambitions, but for all those who enjoy good sound from a small speaker. In addition, you get built-in DAB+ radio and a power bank function, with which you can also charge your mobile phone in an emergency. So far, the best Bluetooth speaker I've ever tested."

    (Translated from German)
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    "great sound resolution and a rarely heard stability in volume" 07.01.2018
    “[…] Teufel's done well. And built a new edition of the Boomster. […] The recipe: “As strong as ever, but significantly improved in crucial details."

    “Together with the two 65mm midrange drivers and the 20mm tweeters for the high frequencies, they provide a damn good sound which clearly benefits from the fact that everything is not distributed over one or two speakers, but rather over five speakers. The result: great sound resolution, a lot of pressure in all volume ranges and a rarely heard stability in volume."

    “Everything about the new Boomster is worth good value - and it feels it. From the materials used, to the attention to detail design from the mesh grid to the red rubber feet and of course the great sound: compared to its predecessor, Teufel has improved the update in almost all areas. Above all, the red glowing LED display is a great improvement in operation - and at the same time a real eye-catcher. […] You can [...] expect a real sound sensation, which is as powerful and will last as long as the garden party. A clear recommendation for all those who have decided in 2018 to listen to their favourite music in even better quality!"

    (Translated from German)
    More... Collapse details...
  • Testbericht - - BOOMSTER - Besonders Empfehlungswert
    "The new Boomster really puts you in the mood for listening to music!" 12/2017
    Testbericht - - BOOMSTER - Besonders Empfehlungswert
    "The sound of the new Teufel Boomster 2017 is great! The 3-way-system does its best to cover all frequency ranges evenly. No booming upper bass, which has a disturbing effect on the mid-tones. The new Boomster sounds very balanced. The treble playback is very detailed. The mids are reproduced very clearly and uncoloured. Voices and instruments sound just as they should, and the option to adjust the low frequency range step-by-step to suit your personal taste works perfectly. No distortion was detected even at high volumes and in the pronounced bass range. […] No matter if electro, metal, hip-hop, rock or classical music, the Boomster worked well across all genres. It also offers a great stereo stage in terms of its dimensions. The new Boomster really puts you in the mood for listening to music!"

    “With the new Boomster 2017, Teufel has managed to improved its already good predecessor. A more ergonomic carrying handle, a telescopic antenna for DAB+ and FM-RDS radio, a front panel display and a fully compelling sound make the 2017 model a perfect step forward and a definite recommendation for all those who are looking for a 3.35 kg mobile all-round Bluetooth speaker with plenty of extra features.”

    (Translated from German)
    More... Collapse details...
  • Ausgezeichnet Video BOOMSTER
    "A worthy companion"
    video 12/2017
    Logo - video
    Ausgezeichnet Video BOOMSTER
    Ausgezeichnet Video BOOMSTER
    “This Boomster is the second edition of an already successful Bluetooth speaker. Now it can do even more, with added DAB+ and FM-Radio, two reception channels plus a telescopic antenna. The portable, digital ghetto blaster has an impressive sound thanks to its three-way system including a down-firing subwoofer. Whether for DAB, transmission via Bluetooth with aptX or via NFC, it delivers rich and clear sound with a very dynamic volume. In the practical test, however, it demonstrated its strengths above all outdoors. Practical too: it can be powered via mains supply, lithium-ion rechargeable battery or via battery. A worthy companion [...]."

    (Translated from German)
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Product Ratings
(4.69 of 5 out of 792)
Mega Sound
The part exceeded my expectations by far!!very good, so it sounded mega. Battery also holds what it promises!👍 Teufel stop. Top!
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Super device
Optics, sound and battery are great! The DAB reception could be a bit better, though: When changing the Bluetooth source, you always have to reconnect and therefore one star less.
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Super part
My expectations are fully met. - Very good workmanship - Intuitive to use, very easy to operate without instruction - Easy to connect to the mobile phone - Super Radio reception - NOT LIGHTING when it is switched off. - Very good on the bike at the demo, battery has held up well - After the rain you could see the dust but it didn't harm the device - Quickly take it to the workshop or to the problem
I have been thinking about buying the Teufel Boomster for a while now and I can say that it was the best decision. Easy handling, great sound, long battery life. I am completely satisfied!
(automatisch übersetzt *)
I am enthusiastic
Clean sound, good bass and a great look.
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Here I can only write, a great PART for this size...I can fully recommend .....Of indoors or outdoors a very good sound.
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Very fast delivery. The device meets my expectations. I would buy it again.
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Unfortunately I had too little reception at my place of residence
One thing in advance! The Boomster is like all my other bought Teufels super processed and well equipped, I had to return it because I could hardly receive digital radio stations at my place of residence, in the border area to the Netherlands. The analogue reception was unfortunately also limited to very few German stations. I have an older radio from the 80's which has a stronger reception. Conclusion: All in all a great device which is not optimal for my purposes. A better antenna or receiver I would wish for and the Boomster finds its way back into our home.
The receiver could be a bit better with DAB !On my farm we have thicker walls here and there and the radio is a bit weak now and then, but the sound is good. Oh, what I would like to say, if with FM a stereo station does not come in cleanly, I miss that you can select stereo on mono.MfGJörg Hoppe
Good appliance
Device meets expectations. It is a pity that a button has to be used to switch between plug and battery. The radio works correctly, there should have been more selection buttons to capture multiple stations. Overall very satisfied with the purchase.
* Automatically translated by DeepL