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Mini-ster of sound



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BOOMSTER GO Schwarz von Teufel

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Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER XS Klein

Why we love this product

The BAMSTER XS is Teufel Audio’s smallest speaker and easily outplays all others its size. With the BAMSTER XS at your side (or attached to your belt loop, or stashed in your pocket or thrown in your bag, etc.), you'll never be without good, clear sound.

Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER XS Klein

Key advantages at a glance

  • Portable pocket-sized Bluetooth loudspeaker
  • Made from thick-walled synthetics with cast aluminium accents
  • Bluetooth interface for excellent wireless sound at distances up to 10 m<br />
  • Extremely light, ultra compact, 14 hr. runtime, quick charge enabled
  • Best sound in this price class: Premium, high-excursion drivers for clear sound at high levels
  • Play/pause/volume controls on the devices, AUX inputs, integrated hands free function
  • Comes with felt carry bag, carabiner, USB cable, AUX cable and silicon pad
Testbericht Logo - iTeufel Air
"...recommend without a doubt"
Area DVD 04.07.2016
"Elegant, attractive, with clear sound and long battery life - the Bamster XS doesn't leave much to be desired. Thanks to high-quality workmanship and excellent quality material, it definitely has a very fair price. The Bamster XS clearly demonstrates that Teufel is not just catching up on the field of trend products, but is now at the top. Really stylish but also technically impressive - a good mix."

"Elegant, ultracompact and tonally strong - we recommend the Bamster XS without restriction."
(4.55 of 5 out of 179)
All reviews

Pocket power

Not much larger than a smartphone, the BAMSTER XS is just as practical. Take it with you everywhere you go. The mini-speaker’s low weight and slender form was designed to fit in the palm of your hand and the pocket of your jeans.


High-performance battery

For a small speaker, the BAMSTER XS comes equipped with a high-performance battery. This lets the little sonic wonder play up to 14 hours at mid-volume levels. The speaker also fully charges in just two hours.

Class D amplifie

In such a small enclosure, there is clearly not much space for drivers. Small drivers usually mean small sound. That is, unless the drivers have exceptional excursion, a measure of the driver’s mobility. Naturally, Teufel engineers employed premium high-excursion drivers capable of pushing a lot of air from a little space. The result is high, distortion-free levels and an extraordinary bass response. The integrated class D amplifier works efficiently and silently, producing a neutral sound without colouration.

Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER XS Klein Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Speaker

Speakerphone function

Want to put someone on speakerphone with your smartphone? Don’t try it with the in-built speakers. The result is likely to be a tinny and muffled noise that will make it difficult to distinguish your mother from your Uncle Joe. The BAMSTER XS, on the other hand, communicates wirelessly with your smartphone for group calls that are coherent – perfect for work presentations, when traveling or family calls at home.

Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER XS Klein Teufel

Fully loaded

Along with the connection cable, the BAMSTER XS comes with a handy felt bag with a carabiner hook for attaching to bags or belt loops. The felt bag is acoustically-permeable so you can continue to listen to your favourite tunes even when the BAMSTER XS has been safely stowed away.

Also included is a sound-optimizing silicone pad for when you want to place the little BAMSTER on a flat surface.

BAMSTER XS - Zubehör - on Black

Included components

  • 1× felt bag with carabiner for Bamster XS
  • 1× silicon pad for Bamster XS
  • 1× USB cable for Bamster XS
  • 1× Cable 3,5mm TRS Stereo
Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER XS Klein


  • Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER XS Klein von Teufel


    Powerful sound that fits in your pocket. From hiking in the Scottish highlands to apéro by the Seine - the BAMSTER XS is an ideal travel buddy and will always keep you entertained.

    • Description Item
      Width 14.00 cm
      Weight 0.20 kg
      Height 2.30 cm
      Depth 7.20 cm
    • Description Item
      Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
      Bluetooth 3.0
      Bluetooth Yes
      Speakerphone function Yes
      Miscellaneous USB charging function for BAMSTER XS
    • Description Item
      Battery operating time up to 14h
      Battery max. charging time 2h
      Battery type Lithium-ion 1.300 mAh
      Automatic on/off Yes
      Total power output capacity (RMS) 6 Watt
      Amplifier configuration 2.0
      Amplifier channels 2
      Complete sound system Yes
      Amplifier technology Class D
    • Description Item
      Acoustic principle 1-Way-System
      Enclosure type Closed
      Enclosure type Geschlossen
      Enclosure material ABS and aluminium
      Enclosure surface Matte, lacquered
      Broadband loudspeakers (number per enclosure) 2
      Broadband loudspeakers (diameter) 25.00 mm
      Frequency range from/to 150 - 20000 Hz
      Maximum sound pressure level 84 dB/1m

Expert reviews

  • Testbericht Logo - iTeufel Air
    "...recommend without a doubt"
    Area DVD 04.07.2016
    Area DVD
    Testbericht Logo - iTeufel Air
    "Elegant, attractive, with clear sound and long battery life - the Bamster XS doesn't leave much to be desired. Thanks to high-quality workmanship and excellent quality material, it definitely has a very fair price. The Bamster XS clearly demonstrates that Teufel is not just catching up on the field of trend products, but is now at the top. Really stylish but also technically impressive - a good mix."

    "Elegant, ultracompact and tonally strong - we recommend the Bamster XS without restriction."
    More... Collapse details...
  • Logo - Top Zone
    "Small, chic and very good sound for the price class." 15.10.2016
    Logo - Top Zone
    "The loudspeaker is primarily for musicians who are looking for a small, high-performance loudspeaker at a good price, which can be used with any system thanks to Bluetooth and jack connections."
    More... Collapse details...
  • Testbericht - AV Magazin - BAMSTER XS - sehr gut 08/2016
    "...the Bamster XS is a charming music companion that can be both seen and heard!"
    AV-Magazin 05.08.2016
    Testbericht - AV Magazin - BAMSTER XS - sehr gut 08/2016
    "The Bamster XS has passed an ordeal of fire with pop and disco sound really well for a mini-speaker. Now a wide variety of music genres can be played. And again, the result is considerable. Typical rap and hip-hop rhythms are clean, with harder notes - just like with rock and alternative - and it is reproduced cleanly and relatively powerfully. With Latino music, the mini-speaker really delivers the joy of life, just as the melancholy of Spanish guitar. Slow and quiet music sounds so pleasantly gentle that the listener really relaxes."

    "With the Bamster XS, Teufel has created a product that is really fun. A small speaker with very good sound - for use in almost all situations. "

    "Optically, it is modern and elegant - yes, even sexy. The materials used feel good and the rounded edges make the speaker comfortable to hold."

    "In short, the Bamster XS is a charming music companion that can be both seen and heard!"
    More... Collapse details...
  • Logo - Hardware-Journal
    "More than ideal for listening to music from your beach towel"
    Hardware-Journal 14.06.2016
    Logo - Hardware-Journal
    "Despite a presumed and realistic physical limitation, the loudspeaker showed an amazing level of sound. For a sound that can be heard from my own beach towel and that of friends, it is more than ideal. Also when used as a loudspeaker for example, watching a television programme in the garden, it is more than sufficient [...]." "[It] is a very solid product, which provides a fundamental sound that is level-resistant, does not crunch or alter at high pitches and is also played from a very compact speaker." Conclusion: "The great power and the really compact dimensions of the chassis are the main features of the Teufel BAMSTER XS. Flat and not too big, the loudspeaker also fits wonderfully into the case so that it can be taken on-the-go. The high-quality workmanship, ease of use as well as the chic and solid transport bag have also been appreciated. The sound of the BAMSTER XS is realistic for what is physically possible for this size of speaker. But it sure does this damn well, which is impressive."
    More... Collapse details...
  • Logo - Curved
    "Sound-wise, the mini-speaker is definitely an upgrade from most smartphones"
    Curved 13.05.1016
    Logo - Curved
    "It fits in the pocket and is about as light as a smartphone. So if you are looking for something that does not give you extra baggage, you should take a closer look at the Bamster. Sound-wise, the mini-speaker is definitely an upgrade from most smartphones."

    "We really liked the speech intelligibility. So if you want to watch a movie on the go, the Bamster XS is very good. It also includes a built-in speakerphone for conferences. You can connect your phone to your mobile phone using Bluetooth or cable. The battery lasts up to 14 hours, and thanks to a quick-charge function, it is already charged within two hours."

    Conclusion: "If you need something handy, you should try out the small Bamster XS. For most situations, the mini-speaker is a good companion. "
    More... Collapse details...
  • Logo -
    "Best sound in its price range!" 16.04.2016
    Logo -
    "The quality of the Teufel Bamster XS impresses on every level and is very appealing. The high- and mid-tones in particular sound really outstanding."

    "For me, the little Teufel Bamster XS is definitely one of the better loudspeakers in its class and, above all, in its size. It has nothing to hide from the competition and is certainly a purchase recommendation in the area of the portable loudspeakers [...]. Best sound in this price class!"
    More... Collapse details...
  • Testbericht - Beyond pixels - MUTE - 16.01.2016
    "it is a pleasure to take the BAMSTER XS on-the-go with you and surprise your friends"
    Beyond 29.03.2016
    Logo - Beyond
    Testbericht - Beyond pixels - MUTE - 16.01.2016
    "The difference compared to mobile phone speakers (no matter which brand) is enormous. Especially in the lower notes, the BAMSTER XS does what it says on the tin, even with the rubberised underlay. The volume can be adjusted both from mobile phone and loudspeaker, a triumph of simplicity."

    "My first impression of the BAMSTER XS was really positive, which was not only due to the great packaging: the processing and sound quality left little to be desired."

    "Weight, dimensions and volume are really good, it is a pleasure to take the BAMSTER XS with you and surprise others. For movies and videos the increased sound quality is also ideal, and uncomplicated control means that everything runs smoothly."
    More... Collapse details...
  • Testbericht - lite-magazin - BAMSTER XS - 1,1 03/2016
    "Barely bigger than a smartphone, it's about to conquer the pocket-size category."
    lite-magazin 11.03.2016
    Logo - lite-magazin
    Testbericht - lite-magazin - BAMSTER XS - 1,1 03/2016
    "We played "Sieht du das genauso" by Sportfreunde Stiller. [...] The quiet and light character of the song comes across excellently and even when it gets a little more "rocky" towards the end, and we continue to turn up the volume, we didn't experience any negative noise or distortion. The quiet sounds of Teufel's smallest audio baby plays without any audible flaws."

    "[...] Next we listened to Peter Fox with "Stadtaffen". And we quickly realize that even in the lower frequency ranges, the ultra-compact speaker delivers plenty of power! Well balanced and very precise, the rhythm-heavy sound is reproduced well. It's simply amazing how powerfully the little devil creates the relaxed atmosphere. [...] but we can already say that it is enough for a proper party in a small group! For example, a picnic in the city park, on the beach or a cosy barbecue evening with a few friends."


    "Let's get straight to the point: once again, Teufel has not let us down! On the contrary, because with the Bamster XS, the Berlin-based manufacturer has brought out the most compact Bluetooth speaker on the market. However, the compact form does not in any way detract from the sound quality. The Bamster XS earns the full score in terms of sound, workmanship and reliability. It offers significantly more than can be expected at first glance. Its practical portability is unsurpassed."
    More... Collapse details...
  • Logo - allyouneed-magazin
    "Best sound in this price class"
    allyouneed-magazin 02.03.2016
    Logo - allyouneed-magazin
    "The high-quality device in the form of a Powerbank for smartphones is not only incredibly mobile, it also makes a lot of noise for its size."

    "The small speaker is not only extremely compact, but also thanks to its rounded edges also really comfortable to hold in your hand. It fits easily into your jeans or jacket pocket, and due to the smooth edges you don't have to worry about it tearing fabric. But not only does the Teufel Bamster XS make a good impression, it also has a comfortable feel: solid, without too much weight, with elegant grey and silver applications on the case."

    "The Teufel Bamster XS is loud for its size - and thus the ideal toy for anyone who doesn't like headphones and would rather listen with others."


    "[...] a very good loudspeaker with rich sound and high volume, which fits in every pocket due to its intelligent compact designe. The long battery life and practical accessories ensure that it is a real pocket rocket, which can fill small rooms with sound. And thanks to the felt bag and the snap hook, the little speaker can always find a safe place on hikes and camping trips."
    More... Collapse details...
  • Logo - Imaedia
    "...distortion-free and clear playback"
    Imaedia 18.02.2016
    Logo - Imaedia
    "What can you expect from such a small and compact loudspeaker? Definitely more than we had expected."

    "It's going to sound "dull", would you say? But no, the Teufel BAMSTER XS has an impressive quality of sound. It produces a distortion-free and clear playback, up to almost full volume."

    "Overall, the Teufel BAMSTER XS has made a very good impression. It is characterised by its small dimensions and therefore easy portability. "
    More... Collapse details...
  • Testbericht - SFT - BAMSTER XS - sehr gut 1,4 03/2016
    "The BAMSTER XS plays loudly and confidently"
    SFT 03/2016
    Testbericht - SFT - BAMSTER XS - sehr gut 1,4 03/2016
    "The running time of the Bamster XS is 14 hours - a decent battery life considering the size of the loudspeaker. We were also not disapponted by the audio processing. The robust plastic surfaces have a high-quality finish. The frame is made of aluminum for an elegant touch. With the Soundcheck, Teufel does not leave anything to chance as usual and gives everything to this pocket rocker: the Bamster XS plays loudly and confidently, but never becomes too loud or unpleasant. High and low frequencies harmonize well [...]."
    More... Collapse details...
Product Ratings
(4.55 of 5 out of 179)
The product is ok, but I had hoped for more from the sound quality
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Small but powerful
very compact and therefore extremely well suited to take away.
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Absolute hammer Top Sound as always Keep up the good work
(automatisch übersetzt *)
top performance
This small loudspeaker has a great sound and is completely sufficient for room volume.
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Too small
Processing and operation are good, the sound is moderate. I had expected more.
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Compact loudspeaker for travelling
The Bluetooth speaker is small and compact and can be quickly connected and set up without any problems. The equipment is good, the workmanship and the design looks very valuable. In addition, the speaker is supplied with a protective cover. The sound is, as expected, a little thin and a little flat for such a small speaker.
It was a very fast delivery. The device also corresponds to the description. Super sound. We are content. Thanks
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Small and good little bass
Service and shipping is top. The hamster has a little less bass volume for its size, other little ones can do that better
(automatisch übersetzt *)
Bamster XS
I ordered the Bamster XS for my daughter as a Christmas present. My daughter is very excited. Personally, I find the operation and pairing via Bluetooth very easy and the sound is unbeatable for the dimensions of the box! Definitely recommendable!!!
Bamster xs
Perfect for the trouser pocket simply top
(automatisch übersetzt *)
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