5.1 Home Cinema Cable Set 50m² "Hybrid" C4545HS

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5.1 Home Cinema Cable Set 50m² "Hybrid" C4545HS

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Kabel-Set C4545SH

Key advantages at a glance

  • High-performance 5.2 home cinema cable set for systems with 2 subwoofers
  • For use with systems like the Theater 6 Hybrid or System 5 THX Select2
  • Y-Adapter for connecting 2 subwoofers to an AV-Receiver<br />
  • Loudspeaker cable: 1 x 15 m cable, 4.0 mm² diameter, 1 x 30 m cable, 4.0 mm² diameter
  • 5 pairs of banana plugs (10 pieces)

Saved compared to the purchase of individual components.

Cable sets in our performance category are recommended for high-end home cinema systems with two subwoofers in order to fully realise the loudspeakers' potential.

The Y adapter divides the subwoofer signal so that A/V receivers with only one subwoofer output can power a 2 subwoofer set.

OFC Cable
The massive copper cable (subwoofer and loudspeaker cable) is made from oxygen-free copper with a purity of > 99.99% so that oxidation and the accompanying impairment of the cable's conductivity is avoided. Increased impedance is likewise avoided. To make OFC cables, copper of the highest purity is specially processed so that natural, true-to-source sound free from any colouration is delivered to the playback device.

More strands per cable
The loudspeaker and subwoofer cables contain an especially high number of strands. More strands make cables that have a high degree of conductivity as well as flexibility.

Robust jacket
The robust yet flexible outer cover protects the valuable wiring inside. The plus terminal is marked.

The loudspeaker cable can be connected to the amplifier/loudspeaker directly or with a banana plug

A Teufel cable in this category with a 4 mm² cross sectional area is especially suited for bringing out the best in high-end stereo and home cinema systems.

OFC copper
The massive copper cable is made from oxygen-free copper with 99.99% purity so that oxidation will not in any way weaken the cable or hinder its transmission abilities. Copper with a high degree of purity is treated in special process in order to create a robust cable capable of transmitting transparent sound free form colouration.

More wire strands per cable
Each loudspeaker cable contains an especially high number of strands for extra flexibility and conductivity.

Robust jacket
The extremely robust yet flexible outer jacket protects the high-quality cable inside. The positive pole is indicated.

The loudspeaker cable can be connected directly to the amplifier/loudspeaker or with our banana plug.

The cable is delivered in separate packaging and includes the loudspeaker cable plus cable ties with Velcro.

Included components

  • 1× 15m Speaker Cable 4.0mm² - C4515S
  • 1× 30m Speaker Cable 4.0mm² - C4530S
  • 2× Subwoofer-Cable 2.5m - C3525W
  • 5× Banana Plug - C8502P (pair)


  • Kabel-Set C4545SH

    5.1 Home Cinema Cable Set 50m² "Hybrid" C4545HS